Hydro One Claim Forms

Quelmec Adjusters have been mandated by Hydro One to investigate the circumstances surrounding incidents which have caused damage to the property of their customers. Upon completion of our investigation, we will advise Hydro One if we believe they could be held responsible for the damage to the property in question. This outline and any information, including the claim forms available from this site, should not be interpreted as an admission of liability on the part of Hydro One.

Subject: Hydro One Claims Division

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Hydro One Claims Division
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You may wish to discuss this claim for damages with your own home insurer, as incidents of this nature may be covered under your policy. Your home policy may allow for the replacement of damaged contents without deduction for depreciation (“new for old” basis) and will be processed immediately. Claims with Hydro One will be paid on a depreciated value basis and will only be considered if fault is established on Hydro One’s part following our investigation.

Once we receive your documentation and our investigation into your claim is completed, you will be advised as to our views concerning responsibility for the damage. Typically, the timeline for the completion of such an investigation is between thirty (30) and sixty (60) days following the receipt of completed claim forms.

Please review the forms carefully, and should you have any questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions document below which addresses many of the common concerns that claimants have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydro One Claims

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