Pre-construction and Post-construction Risk Assessment & Surveys

What is the importance of a Pre-construction or Post-construction Survey?

  • Your Insurers may require it
  • To best protect your existing assets
  • To identify the risks involved, a high caliber risk management tool

When do you need a survey?

  • Pre- or post demolition for refitting of buildings
  • After heavy piling work and vibration work
  • At the change of contractors or project management
  • Pre- and post blast work
  • When lowering or changing the water table in or around existing structures
  • During substantial construction around existing residential and commercial structures

Our Role and what we do!

We can provide a visual inspection and a digital record of the structure involved, adjacent buildings/homes, any exposed foundations, and identify the potential impact of the construction project to those adjacent structures. More than just a video, a digital record clearly identifies pre-existing structural defects and hazards that could lead to future claims. The survey will include a visual, non-intrusive record of the defects, with the use of video, narrative, still photographs and diagrams.

A pre- and post blast survey identifies adjacent homes and structures in their present condition. We can work with engineering services and arrange for on-site vibration monitoring equipment if required. Similarly, a survey will also identify present conditions and eliminate many of the potential claims from adjacent homes, when changing the water table.

After completing demolition of a building retrofit, we can identify problem areas, and clearly document the condition of the building before new construction takes place. This will reduce/eliminate future claims. If required, we will have engineering testing performed and an analysis completed of any structure defects post demolition. Once again, this will provide the contractor a record of the building to eliminate future claims.

Our reports are comprehensive and easy to follow, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Why use adjusters?

Our experience, in investigating construction related claims, provides us with a unique perspective in assessing potential future clams related to risks/hazards, prior to the commencement of the project.

We will meet with your construction personnel, site engineers, insurers and risk managers, to identify concerns as they relate to future claims.

We are able to investigate any subsequent claims that may result from the project. In pre-arranging this with your insurers, this provides a seamless claims solution with less waste of time and resources for the parties involved in the project.

Adjusters can also review the construction policies in force. A survey will be tailored around your policy, to meet both you and your insurer’s needs. Our report will be designed and tailored to protect your future liabilities.

Now more than ever, a survey is an invaluable tool in protecting the financial integrity of your protect and avoid potential costly lawsuits/claims. With higher deductibles, nuisance claims are often paid for directly by the contractor. A survey can reduce or eliminate these nuisance payments and result in direct savings to the contractor. Individuals are quick to litigate matters these days. A survey will provide direct evidence to protect and defend your position.

We would be pleased to meet with you to tailor a survey project that meets your individual needs. Contact Us